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Sarutobi Konohako was born to the son of the Sandaime Hokage. Her mother died when Konohako was a few weeks old and her grandmother took her to raise. Konohako's father died when she was three years old and she doesn't really remember him - just Grandmother and Ebi-sensei who was her private tutor.

Slightly spoiled and inclined to act out, Konohako terrorized just about everyone until she met Naruko at about eight years old and got some sense beat into her. She strove to study her ninjutsu after that and formed the Konohako Corps with her best friends, Udoko and Moegi.

Sandaime's death left her orphaned again and she was taken in by Ebi-sensei. Now twelve and a genin, Konohako is being left to her aunt Asuka as Ebi-sensei is on a long term mission that could have her gone from the village for months or even a year.

(This is a character journal for Naruko_rpg and is not to be taken seriously. Konohako is portrayed by a young Natalie Portman and both character and actress do not belong to me.)